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    This is Beauty Buttery Butter the butterfly. She was four years old. She had a big, beautiful and colourful pair of wings. 

    Her wings were light blue, light red and dark purple in colour. Like other butterflies, her body was divided into three parts, head, thorax and abdomen. She had two black curly antennas.Her favourite food were nectar, butter with bread, orange, durian and mango. She even liked crackers with butter.

    One day, as Beauty was having her breakfast, her father flew down and  said, “I have a surprise for you upstairs.” Butter led Beauty upstairs and into the master bedroom. Butter asked Beauty to have a peek at the old cot. She was surprised to see a little female caterpillar. Beauty’s mother said that Beauty can name the caterpillar. So Beauty thought for a moment and decided to name it Cutezy because Cutezy is so cute.

   That afternoon, they held a celebration. Beauty invited most of her friends. They had lots of fun. They played games and ate a teddy tear shaped cake. After Beauty’s friends went home, Beauty gave Cutezy her caterpillar crown. Beauty was very happy.

    One morning, Beauty was carrying Cutezy while flying with Cherry . They were talking about their favorite flower. Then they saw a beautiful butterfly flying towards them. As the butterfly approached them she said, “Hello, my name is Buttercup. I am six years old. What is your name?” “My name is Beauty. I am eight years old. This is my friend Cherry and my little sister Cutezy.”, answered Beauty. As they got to know each other, they began to play. They created a few songs and took turns taking care of Cutezy.

   Soon, it was tea time. But before they went home, Buttercup invited them for tea the next day. Her two friends accepted the invitation and went home.


One sunny morning, Beauty was playing with Buttering in the garden. Soon, they saw a pretty ladybug watching them playing. Beauty flew to the ladybug and introduced herself, “Hello, my name is Beauty and this is my friend, Buttering. What is your name?” Beauty asked.

“My name is Cherry. I am ten years old,” said the shy ladybug.

Above Right : Butter, Bottom Right : Cherry, Above Left : Beauty, Bottom left : Butterring, Center ball

Then Beauty invited Cherry to play. They played hide and seek, racing, ball passing and all kinds of other games.

An hour later, Butter who was Beauty’s father, came out of the house and invited Cherry for tea. She accepted the invitation gratefully. They had bread and butter and a cup of tea each.

After tea, Cherry excused herself and went home. Since then, Beauty and Cherry became good friends.

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