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One day, a strawberry fell down from a strawberry plant onto a pile of leaves. It jumped out of the pile of leaves and looked up towards the strawberry plant and sadly hopped  away.

Soon she met an apple tree. The apple tree asked her, “Hello what is your  name? My name is Apry. I’m an apple tree.”  “I don’t have any name”, answered the strawberryApry lifted the strawberry and thought of a name. Suddenly he said, “How about Berry?”, Apry excitedly suggested. The strawberry agreed with the name. At that moment, an apple fell down onto a pile of apple leaves. In a few minutes Berry and Applanka the apple became good friends. They said goodbye to Apry and hopped out of the apple orchard while playing and talking about the view from their tree and plant.

Berry agrees with the name as Aplanka fell

The next day, Berry was back on the strawberry plant where she supposed to be. Berry realised that the adventure was just a dream.

The End


   Handy and Sis were flying  rabbits. Handy was a year older than Sis. One day, they were old enough to go out side on their own. They went out and flew like beautiful butterflies.



   Soon their mother called them,”Picnic time! We are going to Blatorest forest!” Handy and Sis hopped indoors and went to to the kitchen. Sis took out a basket and filled it with food.

   When they were ready, they flew out of the house and went to Blatorest forest.

Handy and Sis waiting for their mother to get ready.

They arrived at the Blatorest forest.

    A few minutes after that, they arrive at Blatorest forest. They set up the picnic mat. Handy took out the plates while Sis took out the spoons, forks and napkins. Their mother served the tasty pasta.

   After they were finished, Handy picked up a round, green durian on the ground. He tried to open it but he could not open the durian. So his mother took out a knife to poke a hole and opened it. After that they picked up another one and brought it home.

The End

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