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On 11th June, my family and I went to a Stamp Fair. The stamp fair was located in Petaling Jaya. It was very crowded when we reached there because there was a colouring contest.

Almost all of the stamp that I bought are stamps with animal pictures on it. We also saw a cute cat that we saw the last time we went to the stamp fair on the 13th of March.


Ali (above) choosing stamps

Me (above) looking at my mother (middle) choosing stamps

 I really enjoy going to the stamp fair I hope there will be another stamp fair soon.

On 29th May, my family and I went to my father‘s friend,Uncle Adnan’s house for breakfast. Next, we went to his art gallery.

My little brother, Ahmad Ali and I played the guitar while the rest of my family looked at Uncle Adnan’s paintings. Ali played the music of one of his songs, ‘Stop Destroy Our Earth’. I soon saw a painting of three horses splashing in the water. It was so beautiful.


Uncle Adnan's paintings


Ali and I were playing the guitar


Before we went home, my sister, Kashah invited me to  search for books. We found five books that Kashah wanted and found two books by Enid Blyton.

Soon Uncle Adnan played one of the gitar the music of the song Guantanamera and my big sister, Kaman sings the song.


Kaman sang and Uncle Adnan was playing the guitar


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