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Last Wednesday I ate bubur lambuk. My father bought it in Kampung Baru.

There are a lot of people selling bubur lambuk in Kampung Baru. They only sell bubur lambuk during Ramadhan. Anyway we only buy bubur lambuk from Aunty Sham’s stall because her bubur lambuk is the tastiest. Aunty Sham’s stall is near KBMC (Kampung Baru Medical Centre) – now it is called Hospital al Islam.

I ate the bubur lambuk for iftar. It was so delicious. My little brother (Ahmad Ali) and my sisters (Kashah and Kaman) love the bubur lambuk too. I wish I can have more bubur lambuk.


This week is the first week I fast. Today is the 7th day I fast. I like fasting. When we fast we cannot eat and our tummy will be hungry. My whole family is fasting. My little brother Ali is also fasting but ‘baby fasting’. I eat rice when I sahur. I eat dates and drink plain water when I break my fast.

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