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If the seed/fruit disperse by water the fruit will fall off the tree and float on water.

The characteristics of these type of fruit are:

  • Have a hard shell
  • Able to float in the water
  • Have water proof husk

A coconut is an example of seed/fruit that disperse by water

There are more ways how seeds disperse.


In the FIFA World Cup final, Spain won the cup. The goal was by Andres Iniesta.

I watched the World Cup final with my sister, Kashah from 2:30 a.m – 5:00 a.m. (Malaysian time).

Here are a few pictures from the World cup final.

Carles Puyol and Iker Casillas

Spain celebrates after winning

Xavi Hernandez and Carles Puyol Celebrating Their Victory.

Casillas Embraced by Prince Phelipe of Spain.

Andress Iniesta and the trophy.

Casillas is holding the World Cup trophy

Red nice fire work


Nederlands player gets their medal

Torres and the trophy

Casillas and the trophy

Sergio Ramos and Robin van Persie

Microorganism are tiny living things. Micro means tiny and organism means living things. There are four types of microorganism with different sizes.



There are:

  1. Fungi – biggest
  2. Protozoa
  3. Bacteria
  4. Virus – smallest

They can breathe and move. Aquatic microorganism move by whisking their tails rapidly in water.


These are the example of diseases caused by microorganism:

The table shows different diseases caused by microorganisms (Please click to see a clearer picture)

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