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Last Sunday was Ahmad Ali’s 8th birthday. He got 35 presents; 132 stamps from my mother, 15 stamps from my father’s friend, Pak Cik Amin, about 6 stamps from Kaman, 34 USA stamps from Abang Muhammad and 1 stamp from Kashah. All together he got 249 stamps. He also got a mint stamp from Kaman. He also received 3 E-cards and 5 birthday cards.

Ahmad Ali and his presents

Ahmad Ali looking inside his stamp album

One of the reasons that made him very happy on his 8th birthday was he started his “silat” class on his birthday.

Here are some of the birthday presents that he got:

  • A Maisto Assembly Line from my father
  • 2 Hotwheels cars, 1 car was from me and the other was from Kashah
  • A DIY metal plane from Kaman
  • 3 sheets of coloured stickers, all from my mother
  • Books from my mother and Kman
  • Pens from Kaman

Ahmad Ali and his Maisto Assembly Line Enzo Ferrari

Ahmad Ali trying to open the DIY Metal Plane box

That night we ate pizza. We bought the pizza from Domino’s pizza and yesterday my father bought him a belated birthday cake.

Domino's Pizza Logo

He said that his best birthday present was a Cha Cheer sunflower seed with menthol flavour.

Ahmad Ali's best birthday present


Last Saturday was my birthday. I was so exited.

The best presents I got are:

  1. beads with weaving machine
  2. puzzle
  3. heart shaped white plaster
  4. paper  fish with paper pebbles
  5. envelope

I also got a beautiful green dress. a beautiful blouse, 2 pairs of shoes and other presents.

I ate pizza for dinner.

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