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Please save my grandmother’s bookshop!

The bookshop’s name is Alam Akademik Sdn Bhd.

It is the oldest bookshop in Terengganu.

The bookshop has been there at the same location for a hundred years!

Yesterday they sent a letter telling my grandmother to move away in 30 days from July 13 2009.

The Terengganu government is going to demolish the whole historic building!

Jalan Kedai Payang

It is going to be another disaster!

Terengganu had lost a lot of historic buildings and landmark.

And they are going to demolish another historic building.

So please, please help save my grandmother’s bookshop!


Yesterday we went to UKMSC very early in the morning.My grandmother broke her left leg last Tuesday and yesterday Dr. Suhail Suresh operated my grandmother’s leg.

My grandmother went to the operating theater at about 10am and she came out from the operating theater after 4pm.

After that my grandmother went  back to her room at the hospital. I went back home at about 7pm.

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