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Selamat Hari Raya/Eid Mubarak to everyone in the whole world.





Mangoes sometimes are very sweet  but sometimes sour.  The ripe ones are usually yellow and the unripe ones will be green.

Unripe and ripe mango

The seeds are very hairy.

Mango seed

The way to know when the fruit will grow is:

1. Usually new green leaves will grow

Mango leaf

2. Next flowers will come out

Mango flowers

3. Then small green fruits will grow. The fruit will soon gets bigger and yellower.

My father have a mango tree outside our house. I love to eat mangoes very much.

Mango Tree


On 4th December 2010, I made a person out of things that can be recycled. I named my box person Tifed.

To make a box person, you will need:

  • A box with the height about 10 centimeter long – box A
  • 2 boxes with the height about 8 centimeter long – box B and box C
  • A small circular paper
  • A pencil or a pen
  • Tape or glue
  • Scissors
  • OPTIONAL : Another rectangular paper that fits enough to wrap the 10 centimeter box

 The steps are:

  1. First cut box B into halves
  2. Secondly paste the two halves to the sides of box A for the hands
  3. Next cut box C into halves and paste the halves under box A for the legs
  4. Next paste the the circular paper inside but the paper needs to pop up for the head. Draw a pair of eyes and mouth
  5. Finally wrap the rectangular paper around box A as a shirt

A few days ago, my little brother, Ali made a chick without legs and named it Chicky. He finishes the chick on the night of the 22nd July .

Cantaloupe is a round, orange fruit in side with a green skin. It is very sweet and juicy. The fruit has small flat seeds in the center of the fruit.

Cantaloupe's seed

Halfed - Cantaloupe

They grow on the ground like watermelon because the fruit is heavy. When they fall or knocked over; the part of cantaloupe that was hit will get black.


Like most fruits, the fruit starts with a flower, a beautiful flower. Next comes out small fruits from the place that the flowers grow.

Cantaloupe's flower

On 2nd of August, my family and I went to Kampung Baru to buy ‘bubur lambuk’ for iftar.

‘Bubur lambuk’ is a type of  porridge  that people usually eat during Ramadhan. Every Ramadhan we went to Aunty Sham’s stall to buy ‘bubur lambuk’ because she cooks the tastiest ‘bubur lambuk’ in Kampung Baru.The owner of the stall is Aunty Sham. The stall is in front of the Al Islam Specialist Hospital.

Al Islam Specialist Hospital.

These pictures are snapped this year on the 2nd of August: 

Kashah (right) and I are mixing the big, hot pot of bubur lambr using an oar while Ali is standing in front of the pot

Aunty Sham stall's banner.Aunty Sham

The arrow locates the packed bubur lambuk

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