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On Monday we all had a protest in front of or grandmother’s shop. It was reported in the newpaper – Harian Metro.



Cats are mammals and they eat animals.Fish is their favourite food. Cats also eat rats.

I don’t really like cats because sometimes they are afraid of us. Every time my little brother, Ali and I saw a cat, we will give a name to it.


Please save my grandmother’s bookshop!

The bookshop’s name is Alam Akademik Sdn Bhd.

It is the oldest bookshop in Terengganu.

The bookshop has been there at the same location for a hundred years!

Yesterday they sent a letter telling my grandmother to move away in 30 days from July 13 2009.

The Terengganu government is going to demolish the whole historic building!

Jalan Kedai Payang

It is going to be another disaster!

Terengganu had lost a lot of historic buildings and landmark.

And they are going to demolish another historic building.

So please, please help save my grandmother’s bookshop!

Michael Jackson has died because he had a heart attack. He is the ‘King of Pop’. He was born on the 29th of August 1958.

My father played Michael Jackson   songs on the cassette player. There are two cassettes.

The cassettes are:

– “Greatest Hits”

– “Dangerous”

My favourite songs are:

  1. Beat it

  2. Bad

  3. Jam

  4. Dangerous

  5. Black or White

The first videoclip that I watch is “Thriller” and the last is “You are not alone”.

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