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Posted on: July 22, 2009

Cats are mammals and they eat animals.Fish is their favourite food. Cats also eat rats.

I don’t really like cats because sometimes they are afraid of us. Every time my little brother, Ali and I saw a cat, we will give a name to it.

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Dear Anisah,

Cats need more than just meat. They also need a balanced diet like us. Too much of only one type of food is bad for them. And modern cats do not eat rats…they just play with them.
If you want to keep cats as pets, you should train them properly…where to defecate and where to urinate.
Some people are allergic to cats’ hairs. Please bring cats to Veterinarians for vaccination and treatment.

Dear Uncle Azahar,

Thanks for the notice. šŸ™‚ šŸ˜‰

cats that i’ve known all prefer chicken over fish. they tend to muntah after eating fish because of the bones.

i mean, isn’t it natural that cats would prefer chicken over fish? fish live in water whereas chicken live on land, just like cats. It is more natural for cats to prey on chicken than fish, no?

Dear Abang Muhammad,
Thanks, but the cats at the back of my house eat fish. But sometimes the mummy cat also eat the bones.

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[…] are a lot of cats living in my neighbourhood. Most of them are […]

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