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Yesterday was my 10th birthday. I was so happy. I received four birthday cards and 20 presents. I also went to my silat class yesterday. On the way, I told my silat teacher that yesterday was my birthday.

The best present was a Liverpool blanket from my father, my mother and Ahmad Ali. Second was a non-electrical phone and the third was a pencil case from my father. The best birthday card was from my sister, Aiman Amani because the pictures were cute. Second was from my little brother, Ahmad Ali and third was from my sister Aeshah Adlina.

My oldest sister gave me 12 presents. My other sister, Aeshah Adlina gave me 2 presents. Ali gave me 3 present. My parents gave me 1 present and 2 presents from my mother.

I had a great birthday yesterday.

Note: Ali also Gave me one of his rosel plants.


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