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   Recently, my family and I went to Pusat Sains Negara (National Science Center) to see the Dinosaurs Exibition.

On the way there.

   Over there, I saw all kinds of dinosaurs, for example T-RexStegosaurus and lots more. The dinosaurs swing their huge heads and tails from side to side. The big dinosaurs make  surprising loud noises and the cute small ones make cute little screechy sounds. There is one that makes a cute sound like Primiligh or her kittens.

   We had a great time there and I hope so will you if you visit the Pusat Sains Negara 🙂 It is a fun place to visit.

We went out and went to other places like Flight, Thinking Machine and Future World exhibitions


Click here for Dimond’s wish.

Off Dimond went to get ready quickly but before that he went to asked Fairam, ” Thank you for teaching me how to build a hut. Would you like to come with me and my father  to explore around Samenine? Oh, please say yes. We can build another hut together.” ”Of course, I would love to come with you,” Fairam replied. ”Don’t forget that we are going tomorrow!” shouted Dimond as he trotted towards his stable.

The next day, Dimond and Fairam went out of their new hut. Suddenly there came a loud rumbling sound that shook Dimond and their new hut. ”What is that loud and rumbling noise? ” asked Dimond. ”I don’t know,”replied Fairam.

Deramba pulling the big cart

It was Deramba pulling something big, brown and old. ”What is that?” asked Dimond.”Well, it is a very old cart from your grandfather, Dimond,” Deramba answered. So they all put their bags onto the cart. Fairam taught Dimond how to make new friends while Dimond helped his father pull the cart.

Soon it was night. Before Dimond had dinner, he met a bird named Racanda. Her mother was Rancindri. She was Dimond‘s mother, Diamalak’s friend. Dimond and Fairam made friends with Racanda the pink humming bird. She was a so cute, tiny, pretty and shy.

Before Dimond had dinner

The next day, the three of them and Racanda started their trip. Fairam told his friends the names of  the trees and plants along the way. A few hours later they arrived at a forest. After walking for two minutes, something big and fierce pounce in front of them.

To Be Continued…

On 11th June, my family and I went to a Stamp Fair. The stamp fair was located in Petaling Jaya. It was very crowded when we reached there because there was a colouring contest.

Almost all of the stamp that I bought are stamps with animal pictures on it. We also saw a cute cat that we saw the last time we went to the stamp fair on the 13th of March.


Ali (above) choosing stamps

Me (above) looking at my mother (middle) choosing stamps

 I really enjoy going to the stamp fair I hope there will be another stamp fair soon.

On 30th April, my family and I went to MPH Bookstore for Awang Goneng’s book signing. The book signing was held at MPH Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur (KL).

Over there, my parents  talked with their friends. Awang Goneng talked a little about the book (AMOT), the meaning of his name, Awang Goneng, and more.

People queued for Awang Goneng to sign their books. My little brother, Ahmad Ali and my big sister, Kashah snapped photos at the book signing. My eldest sister, Kaman and Ali read books at the bookshop.

I really enjoyed the event.

Note: I also write a blog post about ‘Amot‘.

Once upon a time, there was a nice green planet called Samanine. The planet was filled with only animals and plants. There was no human, not even one.

On one part of the planet, there was a long stream, a large lake and a small pond. Near the pond, there lived a friendly, brown horse named Dimond. He had a kind and joyful mother named Diamalak and a clever friend named Fairam. His only wish was to follow his father, Deramba to travel around the planet.


Above : Fairam, Bottom Right : Dimond, Left : Deramba

One day when Fairam was teaching Dimond how to build a hut, Deramba called for Dimond. Dimond saw his father was getting ready to travel around the planet. “Do you want to follow me to travel around the planet?” asked his father. “Yes, I would love to go. Can Fairam come too?” Dimond asked excitedly. “No problem,” replied Dimond’s father. “But you just have to get ready fast because we are going tomorrow.”

To be continued…

A butterfly is an insect. An insect is a type of animal.

I love butterfly, butterfly is my favourite animal. It has a pair of wings in lots of beautiful colours.

I have wrote a story about “Beauty The Butterfly”.

I have been to Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Farm. Butterflies are every where.

I love butterfly very, very much.

blue butterfly

Keropok is made out of fish. Keropok is delicious. Keropok is a healthy food. Keropok is nice.

I ate keropok last night after break my fast. I bought them at Tanjung.

It looked very delicious when my little brother ate them for lunch. They made me hungry. I like them very much because they are very delicious.

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