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Orange is a fruit. It is orange in colour. It is a healthy food. It is so juicy and delicious.

Orange tastes:



I like to eat sweet oranges and I love sour orange juice.

Orange is also a colour. I am wearing an orange t-shirt. To make orange we mix yellow and red.



Butter is yellow in colour. I like to eat rich and creamy butter. Butter is made from milk. I like to eat butter with bread. We can use butter to bake cakes, cookies and more. Butter is a healthy food but eating too much butter can be bad for our health. I like butter very, very much.


Yesterday I played with dry ice with my big sisters and my little brother.

My big sister Aiman put the dry ice into a bottle filled with water. Suddenly a cloud of fog came out.

When my big sister put a funnel onto the bottle, something like a train smoke came out from the bottle.

Next my big sister put a cylinder onto the bottle and the cloud became thinner and went up higher.

I like playing with dry ice very much.

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