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Plant disperse their seed and fruit by scattering them far away from the parent plants. The advantages of dispersal:

  • reduce overcrowding
  • reduce competition between the parent plant and the young plant
  • enables seed to grow healthily
  • provides opportunities  to spread the species to new places

Some plants disperse their fruit that contain seeds while others disperse the seeds themselves. The seeds and fruits of plants have special  characteristics which help the agent to disperse them. Seeds and fruits can be disperse by:

  • Water

  • Example of fruit/seed dispersed by water: Coconut

  • Wind

  • Example of seed/fruit dispered by wind: Daisy 'Vittadinia sulcata'

  • Animals

  • Example of fruit/seed dispersed by animal: Strawberry (Isn't it cute?)

  • An explosive mechanism

  • Example of fruit/seed dispersed by an explosive mechanism: Okra


Cats are really fun, full of surprises and laughter,

I hope that they would have me as their friend until forever,

And when the rain comes pouring down, splashing on the kitties,

I wish they would run and play in between my knees,

Kittens are so sweet especially when they have fun together,

They play ‘chase’ and even try to tag one another,

But when it is time to pray or time to go to bed,

Their mama’s friend shall ‘meow’ to them and off they go to bed.

This poem is  written by my big sister, Kaman.

There are a lot of cats living in my neighbourhood. Most of them are kittens.

The kittens‘ names are:

  1. Khanillia/Little White
  2. Whitey
  3. Blacktail
  4. Choty/Erythia
  5. Blighty
  6. Miscowty
  7. Gingerbread Kitty
  8. Black Paint

And the cats‘ names are:

  1. Blackwie
  2. Tiny
  3. White Socks/Michael Jackson The Cat/Teddy Bear
  4. Misbroncat
  5. The Other Teddy Bear
  6. Tigre
  7. Mocha
  8. Kitty Coloured
  9. Snowbell
  10. Cute Princess

I like to play with Khanillia because it is not afraid of me at all. Its mother is Blackwie. Blackwie has a friend named White Socks. I knew Blackwie, Tiny and Cute Princess since three years ago when they were still newborn kittens. They are the kittens of Kitty Coloured.

Whenever Erythia comes, it won’t stop meowing. Khanillia is afraid of Erythia even though Khanillia is bigger than Erythia. Whitey once climbed up the window at the back of my house. White Socks meows (calls) to Blackwie’s kittens (Khanillia, Whitey and Blacktail) when it is time to pray.

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