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Cats are mammals and they eat animals.Fish is their favourite food. Cats also eat rats.

I don’t really like cats because sometimes they are afraid of us. Every time my little brother, Ali and I saw a cat, we will give a name to it.

Ali is my little brother. He is the youngest in my family.

I call him Ali. He is a good boy but, sometimes he is a bit naughty. He is the cutest boy in the world and my sister, Kashah loves to call him ‘Cuties’ and I call him ‘boy’. He also loves to study.

His favourite subjects are maththematics, writting, arts and crafts. Sometimes, he loves to play.

His  favourite computer game is The Conquerors (Age of Empire). He also loves to  play toys and play imaginary friends. One of his imaginary friend is, Jolly.

He also loves to play with me. He loves to play with mama too. His favourite game with mama is, ‘Octopos’.

His hobby is: play The Conquerors, kiss and big hug mama, learn mathematics and writting and play with Baby (his pillow) because it is cute. He also has his own blog.


Yesterday I played with dry ice with my big sisters and my little brother.

My big sister Aiman put the dry ice into a bottle filled with water. Suddenly a cloud of fog came out.

When my big sister put a funnel onto the bottle, something like a train smoke came out from the bottle.

Next my big sister put a cylinder onto the bottle and the cloud became thinner and went up higher.

I like playing with dry ice very much.

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