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My Little Brother, Ali

Posted on: June 6, 2009

Ali is my little brother. He is the youngest in my family.

I call him Ali. He is a good boy but, sometimes he is a bit naughty. He is the cutest boy in the world and my sister, Kashah loves to call him ‘Cuties’ and I call him ‘boy’. He also loves to study.

His favourite subjects are maththematics, writting, arts and crafts. Sometimes, he loves to play.

His  favourite computer game is The Conquerors (Age of Empire). He also loves to  play toys and play imaginary friends. One of his imaginary friend is, Jolly.

He also loves to play with me. He loves to play with mama too. His favourite game with mama is, ‘Octopos’.

His hobby is: play The Conquerors, kiss and big hug mama, learn mathematics and writting and play with Baby (his pillow) because it is cute. He also has his own blog.


11 Responses to "My Little Brother, Ali"

Dear Fah,

This is a nice and funny post on Ali. Keep writing your post. Don’t let people wait so long for you to update your blog.

Dear Kaman,
Thank you for your advice Kaman. WOW! 😯 I don’t know that I am very good in writing funny posts… But, Is it that funny until you terguling on the floor? 😕 ❓

Dear Kafah,
Thanks for writing about me.

Dear Ali,
You’re welcome!! 😉 🙂

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