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On Wednesday, I attended the Majlis Taklimat Draf Asas Memorandum Kepada Majlis Raja-Raja Berhubung Isu Mepertahankan Kesucian Nama Allah.

My big sister, Aeshah Adlina and my little brother, Ahmad Ali were very lucky to meet Uncle Jinggo.

Below is the photo of my big sister Kashah and my little brother Ali.

Anyway Uncle Jinggo note that it was me in the photo, pity my big sister; but it was actually her.

So please click here to visit her blog (

"...keen videographer sister is Anisah Afifah...

“…keen videographer sister is Anisah Afifah.” should be”…keen videographer sister is Aeshah Adlina.”

So please go to her blog to read what she writes 😉


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