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My Sister The Giant

Posted on: September 15, 2008

My sister is a giant. She is a giant because she is very tall and fat. She is miss giant because she is a girl. I call her Kaman. Her name is Aiman Amani. I call her giant because she is taller than my mother.

My Kaman giving speech at IIF2006 in PWTC

My Kaman giving speech at IIF2006 in PWTC


9 Responses to "My Sister The Giant"


sedde, pangge kaman giant. kekgi kelahi adek beradik mok piak denge lidi nyior baru tahu.

can you read trengganuspeak? ask kaman or your parents to translate. 🙂

Dear Luckganu,

Thank you for writing. Kaman cannot understand everything and I cannot understand at all. Kaman is good and she only laughs when she read my blog.

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[…] This poem is  written by my big sister, Kaman. […]

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