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My Father’s Citroen

Posted on: September 13, 2008

My father has a Citroen MPV. It is big. The colour of the car is silver. It is a Citroen Evasion. There are 7 seats, but we only use 6 seats.

I sit at the back with my big sister Aeshah (her blog: My little brother Ahmad Ali (his blog: and my eldest sister Aiman (her blog: sit at the middle and my father and mother sit in front.

We always buckled up even for short trips

We always buckled up even for short trips

4 Responses to "My Father’s Citroen"

is that your house? it looks like one of the houses in kg losong – those owned by the tokey beras in the days of perahu payang.

Dear Luckganu,

Thank you for writing again. My father says that the photo was taken when we visited our Atuk’s cousin’s house in Losong during Raya. Atuk’s cousin’s name is “Che Man Datuk Amor”.

I have written something for your dad about Cit.Evasion in my blog when Ahmad Ali came to visit me…aka Aunty E.

Very comfortable ride in it, ay? I actually sold off mine when there was no more school trips to make, (sending young people in my family to school…)…

By the year 2006 I sold it off.

Your dad mentioned about “berebut” writing on this subject…keep up the spirit…girls must win!

Dear Aunty Emy,
I like the Citroen Evasion.And I want to write about it.

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