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One sunny morning, Beauty was playing with Buttering in the garden. Soon, they saw a pretty ladybug watching them playing. Beauty flew to the ladybug and introduced herself, “Hello, my name is Beauty and this is my friend, Buttering. What is your name?” Beauty asked.

“My name is Cherry. I am ten years old,” said the shy ladybug.

Above Right : Butter, Bottom Right : Cherry, Above Left : Beauty, Bottom left : Butterring, Center ball

Then Beauty invited Cherry to play. They played hide and seek, racing, ball passing and all kinds of other games.

An hour later, Butter who was Beauty’s father, came out of the house and invited Cherry for tea. She accepted the invitation gratefully. They had bread and butter and a cup of tea each.

After tea, Cherry excused herself and went home. Since then, Beauty and Cherry became good friends.


Once upon a time, there was a nice green planet called Samanine. The planet was filled with only animals and plants. There was no human, not even one.

On one part of the planet, there was a long stream, a large lake and a small pond. Near the pond, there lived a friendly, brown horse named Dimond. He had a kind and joyful mother named Diamalak and a clever friend named Fairam. His only wish was to follow his father, Deramba to travel around the planet.


Above : Fairam, Bottom Right : Dimond, Left : Deramba

One day when Fairam was teaching Dimond how to build a hut, Deramba called for Dimond. Dimond saw his father was getting ready to travel around the planet. “Do you want to follow me to travel around the planet?” asked his father. “Yes, I would love to go. Can Fairam come too?” Dimond asked excitedly. “No problem,” replied Dimond’s father. “But you just have to get ready fast because we are going tomorrow.”

To be continued…

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