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Beauty’s Friend

Posted on: October 15, 2010

One sunny morning, Beauty was playing with Buttering in the garden. Soon, they saw a pretty ladybug watching them playing. Beauty flew to the ladybug and introduced herself, “Hello, my name is Beauty and this is my friend, Buttering. What is your name?” Beauty asked.

“My name is Cherry. I am ten years old,” said the shy ladybug.

Above Right : Butter, Bottom Right : Cherry, Above Left : Beauty, Bottom left : Butterring, Center ball

Then Beauty invited Cherry to play. They played hide and seek, racing, ball passing and all kinds of other games.

An hour later, Butter who was Beauty’s father, came out of the house and invited Cherry for tea. She accepted the invitation gratefully. They had bread and butter and a cup of tea each.

After tea, Cherry excused herself and went home. Since then, Beauty and Cherry became good friends.


3 Responses to "Beauty’s Friend"

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I think Kafah should continue this story. It’s very short.

Dear Ali,
All the ‘Beauty series’ are actually one whole story about Beauty’s childhood.Buut I break the story for more post… 🙂 😀

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