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Dimond’s Wish

Posted on: October 11, 2010

Once upon a time, there was a nice green planet called Samanine. The planet was filled with only animals and plants. There was no human, not even one.

On one part of the planet, there was a long stream, a large lake and a small pond. Near the pond, there lived a friendly, brown horse named Dimond. He had a kind and joyful mother named Diamalak and a clever friend named Fairam. His only wish was to follow his father, Deramba to travel around the planet.


Above : Fairam, Bottom Right : Dimond, Left : Deramba

One day when Fairam was teaching Dimond how to build a hut, Deramba called for Dimond. Dimond saw his father was getting ready to travel around the planet. “Do you want to follow me to travel around the planet?” asked his father. “Yes, I would love to go. Can Fairam come too?” Dimond asked excitedly. “No problem,” replied Dimond’s father. “But you just have to get ready fast because we are going tomorrow.”

To be continued…


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