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Yesterday we went to UKMSC very early in the morning.My grandmother broke her left leg last Tuesday and yesterday Dr. Suhail Suresh operated my grandmother’s leg.

My grandmother went to the operating theater at about 10am and she came out from the operating theater after 4pm.

After that my grandmother went  back to her room at the hospital. I went back home at about 7pm.


This is my house. My house is not very big. My Nenek’s house is bigger. My house has 4 rooms and 3 bathrooms.

The rooms are:

3 bed rooms upstairs.

1 playroom downstairs.

There are 3 computers and 1 laptop in my house. There are 4 beds in my house.

I love my house very, very much.

Yesterday I went to Toys”R”Us City Square.


There are lots of toys at toys”R”Us. There are a lot of toys”R”Us in Malaysia.

I only bought one toy because there were nothing else that we wanted to buy

Actually it was for Kaman – for her craft.

It was fun to be at Toys”R”Us.

Yesterday was my birthday; so now I am eight year old. I thought I would only get some presents but to my surprise I got a lot of birthday presents. I like all of my birthday presents because they are beautiful. I also like the birthday cards.

Among the presents are hair bands, hair clip, stickers, fairy story book, beads and more.

I kept all of my birthday presents nicely. My birthday was fun and I was very happy.

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