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I have some Mathematics and Science homework. I have to finish my homework.

I am tired and sleepy but I have to do my homework. I wish I can finish my homework so that I can play with my little brother.

My sister is a giant. She is a giant because she is very tall and fat. She is miss giant because she is a girl. I call her Kaman. Her name is Aiman Amani. I call her giant because she is taller than my mother.

My Kaman giving speech at IIF2006 in PWTC

My Kaman giving speech at IIF2006 in PWTC


My father has a Citroen MPV. It is big. The colour of the car is silver. It is a Citroen Evasion. There are 7 seats, but we only use 6 seats.

I sit at the back with my big sister Aeshah (her blog: My little brother Ahmad Ali (his blog: and my eldest sister Aiman (her blog: sit at the middle and my father and mother sit in front.

We always buckled up even for short trips

We always buckled up even for short trips

My favourite subjects are Mathematics and Science.I like Mathematics because it is fun and also important.

I like Science because it is fun and easy. I also like to do experiments.

I like both subjects very, very much because both are fun.

This week is the first week I fast. Today is the 7th day I fast. I like fasting. When we fast we cannot eat and our tummy will be hungry. My whole family is fasting. My little brother Ali is also fasting but ‘baby fasting’. I eat rice when I sahur. I eat dates and drink plain water when I break my fast.

When the second time I went to Lumut I go to Swiss Garden Holiday Apartments. I went there after I went to Penang. I went there with my family. At that apartment it was very small. There’s a lot of flies.

At night I eat pizza. For dessert I eat strawberry dipped in chocolate. It was very delicious. And then I went to sleep.

The next day I go home. On the way my mother buy some dragonfruit and a dragonfruit tree.

I have a big family. My father’s name is A. Karim Omar. My mother’s name is Asmahan Ahmad. I have two sisters. Their names are Aiman and Aeshah. My little brother’s name is Ahmad Ali. We live in Taman Ampang Hilir, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

At Bird Aviary

At Bird Aviary

When the first time went zoo, I went with my family. We went there in  the morning.

I saw giraffe, elephant and flamingo. Next I went to the Bird Aviary. I saw many bird.

Next I went to the bear complex. There I saw many bears.

Then I watch the Animal Show. Then I went to the Reptile House. Lastly I ate ice-cream.

Showing Bullfrog

Showing Bullfrog

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