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Posted on: January 28, 2009


Butter is yellow in colour. I like to eat rich and creamy butter. Butter is made from milk. I like to eat butter with bread. We can use butter to bake cakes, cookies and more. Butter is a healthy food but eating too much butter can be bad for our health. I like butter very, very much.



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My hubby’s aunty from Sahara in Algeria make sheep’s ghee. It’s white in colour and the taste is stronger than butter and may may not suit everyone’s palate. But if you put it at the end of nasi briyani or cous cous , it can really transform your meal from bland to superb!!

Dear T.Jehan,
I’ve never heard cous cous;).

[…]              By the way, Ali just ate crackers with butter this morning. I also wrote a post about butter. […]

[…] parts, head, thorax and abdomen. She had two black curly antennas.Her favourite food were nectar, butter with bread, orange, durian and mango. She even liked crackers with […]

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