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Prmiligh’s Kittens!!!!

Posted on: August 26, 2012

   On 29th of  June, my eldest sister, Kaman found Primiligh hiding behind our washing machine. Then she saw a little orange kitten with Primy. I took the kitten and Primy out and put them in a box. Soon she had another kitten. Then she had the last kitten.

   That night, we gave Primy milk and she drank it so fast. My big sister, Kashah said it must be very hungry.

   The Kittens are now about seven weeks and six days old old 🙂


5 Responses to "Prmiligh’s Kittens!!!!"

Dear Anisah, you meant the kitten as Reepi and Tumeric were dead when this post was published. And now Cinnamon Cream died too 😦

Primiligh must be very sad right now.

Dear Kaman,
I am sure that Primi is very sad because she have been looking for Double around her favourite spots these days 😦

Dear Kafah,
(in reply of 2 | anisahafifah’s comment)
She don’t care anymore now. And she’s pregnant again!
And I can’t wait for the new kitties!

Dear Ahmad Ali,
I think she still cares about her kitties. But she just not longer search for them.

[…] Kashah went out again a few minutes after and saw another little kitten. This one was like Double Pri, white and orange. Kashah later confirmed that the Double Pri-like was the last kitten. So we […]

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