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Engulfed by the Shadow

Posted on: December 27, 2014

Sir Kanowall slid down from his horse and guided it through the dark stable. As he was entering a stable, he saw a dark figure inside.

“Excuse me, sir? What are you doing here?” he questioned as the figure turned showing it’s dark red eyes.

Kanowall jumped back and quickly ran out of the stable. He felt something following him and took a glance behind him and saw a black object floating after him. The knight ran into his house and quickly lighted up the fire place as he heard the door slammed close. He slid out his sword and looked around.

Seeing nothing he picked up a candle and lit it up as he moved to the dinning area. He felt a sudden breeze as the fire went out, leaving him in the darkness. He heard a cape waving in the wind before a huge cloth wrapped around him.


Rick was sitting on the grassy field watching his two friends, Viston and Garif climbing up a tree when he heard the soft sound of hooves against the grass behind him. He turn around and saw a horse trotting towards his direction with a man mounted on it.

“Good morning Rick. I was sent here by the king to send his message for you and your friends,” the man said as he dismounted his horse and passed the Rick a piece of rolled parchment.

He unrolled the scroll and read the ink written message:

There are lots of cases of the disappearance lately. When the last victim was caught, one of the patrol guards witnessed it, but the guard was too traumatized to say anything. So I want you and your team to interrogate the witness as soon as possible.

King Sade of Jade Empire”

Rick nodded,”Thanks Jame. Tell the king that I am on my way.”

Rick ran back to gather his team.

“Viston! Garif! I need you to find Renhilda. I ‘ll get Corindra. We will meet back here,” he told his friends and ran towards the opposite direction.

Renhilda was reading near a pond when she heard footsteps and voices behind her. She sighed and got up.

“Ren! We had been looking for you everywhere!” Garif yelled as he ran towards her.

She picked up her book and followed Garif and Viston to where Rick had assigned them to meet.

“Corindra!” Rick called to his friend, Corindra who was up in an oak tree.

She quickly climbed down.

“Yes Rick?” she asked as she reached down.

“Come on. We are having a meeting,” Rick replied as he pulled her back to the grassy plain.

They reached their destination and saw Viston, Garif and Renhilda waiting for them.

Rick reached inside his satchel and took out a map before signalling his friends to gather around him as he spread out the map on the dry grass.

“King Sade asked us to question a witness of the last disappearance. I also would like us to search the victim’s house. So I think Renhilda and Garif will talk to the witness at the western guard house,” Rick said, pointing to the building on the map.

“Corindra, Viston and I will search the scene.”

The others nodded before Rick said, “Team go!”


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