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The Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II Stamp

Posted on: September 14, 2012

   On September 13th 2012, Pos Malaysia launched a stamp series named ‘The Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II’ and ‘Royal Visit – Prince William & Kate Middleton’.

The Stamps

The Stamp Sheet and Miniature Sheet

The Stamp Sheet and File

We didn’t get to buy the posters because whet our turn comes the posters had already out off stock 🙂

   This morning, my family and I went to General Post Office at Dayabumi Complex, Kuala Lumpur to buy Malaysia’s latest stamp. The queue was very long. My mother said that she had to queue for almost four hours.

Some people have to queue outside where it is hot 😦

The stamp is very beautiul, especially the miniature sheet. But I preffer the butterflies stamps 🙂

The Butterfly Miniature Sheet


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